Selected Projects

Port Authority of NY & NJ | Green Guidelines

The Port Authority's commitment to sustainable design began in 2000 with a preliminary analysis performed by CCA for a new Administration/Air Rescue Fire Fighting Building at Teterboro Airport. This pilot project was a comprehensive “green” design effort performed with in-house staff and consultants. High performance building design, energy conservation and daylight modeling strategies were employed in the analysis. This project demonstrated the potential benefits of sustainable design through the use of natural light in the building's interior, better interior air quality, and cost savings through reduced energy consumption.

Following that effort, CCA undertook the task of developing and implementing Sustainable Design Guidelines for use within the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. The guidelines will enable the Authority to design projects that are more energy efficient, provide healthier interior environments for customers and employees, and reduce construction and material waste. The guidelines will also address compliance with Executive Order 111, and provide the Authority with technical standards that will eventually be used by tenants and consultants.