Selected Projects

Development Resource Center | Chattanooga, Tennessee
2003 Sustainable Design Award – Boston Society of Architects/ AIA NYC
2002 Design Award - AIA Tennessee

The Chattanooga Development Resource Center was the City’s first structure representative of their highly regarded sustainable master plan. This new environmental/sustainable paradigm creates a full transition to renewables and sets a new performance benchmark for the region. A resolutely windowed brick and aluminum facade captures maximum daylight and integrates the building into the city grid, strengthening the streetscape along Chattanooga’s main thoroughfare. Designed to take full advantage of current technology, the building maximizes deep daylighting, provides for an integrated photovoltaic solar cell/roof structure, and demonstrates advanced, low energy, interior lighting techniques, PowerDOE optimized building energy systems and stormwater cachement/bio-remediation. An extensive proximity planning effort ensured that local materials were used to the extent possible throughout the project, with a heavy emphasis on those containing recycled materials and being recyclable themselves.