Selected Projects

Bay Educational Center | Providence, Rhode Island

2007 AIA New York State - Design Award
2005 EPA Phoenix Award Region 1 Outstanding Brownfield Redevelopment

The Bay Education Center embodies Save The Bay's mission to act as stewards of the Narragansett Bay and its watershed. The building reinforces the linear aspect of the site by imbedding/folding into the landform. The sequence of arrival opens to and closes the view of the Bay to the visitor culminating in a dramatic South facing entry sequence to the lobby with a panoramic view over the Bay that is fully shaded from direct sun. The program is divided into administrative program to the east (morning activities) and educational programs to the west (afternoon activities). Subsequently, South-facing clerestory windows and skylights allow for deep daylighting to penetrate all of the occupied spaces in the building while a 7,000 sf North-facing green roof absorbs stormwater and insulates the envelop.